Our Goal

Together, with you, we want to conserve resources and assist you in decreasing costs. The goal of our company is to use our collective experience and expertise in conjunction with our unique and powerful product to improve your company's performance. As certified Six Sigma Black Belts we use a number of tools in the field of quality management and utilize Six Sigma processes, lean management and solid statistical expertise to ensure increased productivity and better results. Complex, multivariate processes can be optimized, controlled and predicted to meet quality requirements and significantly reduce costs.

We have specialist knowledge in the field of recovered paper processing / deinking. Through the implementation of a specialized treatment process, that is patented in parts of Europe and Asia, we pledge to save your company at least three percent yield and costs in many other areas. We work closely with numerous nationally renowned partners so that we are always at the forefront of emerging changes in the field.


We reduce your costs through consulting and active support in the following areas:

Six Sigma Support
• DMAIC Process
• DOE (planning / implementation / analysis)
• Training outside of, and during, the active process phase

Innovation management
• Idea workshops
• Open innovation
• Stage gate processes

Project management
• Structure - Steer - Control - Finalize
• Implementation of performance measurement systems
• Increased communication

Trouble shooting
• Structured cause and error analysis in the team
• Sustainable improvement opportunities
• Analysis of technical faults (ATS)

Process optimization
• Multivariate data analysis via MiniTab
• Advanced Process Control (APC)


Through years of experience in recovered paper processing and specially designed and protected process development, we enable you to increase yield significantly without sacrificing quality. In addition, there is potential in other areas of the mill to significantly reduce production costs with very little investment.

- Yield increase of up to 8%
- Lower water consumption (fresh and waste water)
- Optimized water circulation (less dissolved impurities)
- Lower chemical consumption in stock preparation
- Loss reduction through mud and drum reject
- Capacity increase of sludge incineration
- Lower chemical consumption in sludge incineration
- Filler savings in the paper

We will gladly demonstrate to you how this technology operates.